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Bison Hump Day :-)

Bison Hump Day 🙂

Seasoned news anchor Molly Hendrickson can’t control her laughter over this seemingly innocent news story…the results are..well hilarious!

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“Be AWARE” Campaign

“Be AWARE” Campaign

MistaPR in association with Biomerica, have launched the US-based Campaign to share their revolutionary new AWARE® Breast Self-Exam kits.

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The Making of Intimate Britney Spears Australia


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As an entrepreneur, I enjoy taking on new challenges and stepping outside my comfort zone to explore new opportunities and further develop my skills and abilities whilst also expanding my network.

Coming from an entertainment background I have always enjoyed the mechanics of creative productions and all aspects of planning, marketing, promotion and publicity and the rewarding feeling of assisting others to grow within the industry.

Through my freelance work I have had the privilege of working with Britney Spears (Management), Gina Liano and Peter Morrissey along with countless media outlets in TV, Radio and Print.

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