Exciting new TV series from the creative mind of Mista PR.

All new and original UK Reality TV series created by Matt Leigh / Mista PR in collaboration with Australian Production Partner WTFN Entertainment/via fred. Distribution is now In-Development.

This has been a passion project of Matts’ for well over a year so, it is both an achievement and a milestone to have gotten this far!

The main cast, crew and behind-the-scenes development specialists have certainly made my dream a reality.

Looking forward to sharing when and where the series can be viewed.


“This show calls ‘BS’ on other Real Estate shows”. These are words from the self-proclaimed best agent in the UK, Alex Moisii.

He and his wife Zara are turning the UK real estate industry on its head, because no one else will.

This series puts the REAL back into REAL ESTATE.
It shows real houses being sold to real people, with real struggles and triumphs. We follow Alex’s meteoric rise in the industry and witness him push on to the stratosphere.

As the ‘disruptor’ taking it to the establishment, Alex and his team plan to first build the biggest real estate agency in the country… then the world!

Viewers will have an armchair ride as they navigate the ‘wild west’ that is UK real estate, with their take no prisoners approach to becoming the very best.

To find out more visit:
https://www.fredmedia.com.au/ | Instagram: @mista_pr