Matthew Leigh, aka Mista PR, is a dynamic entrepreneur deeply entrenched in the PR and Television Industries, where his penchant for embracing new challenges and venturing beyond comfort zones sets him apart.

With a rich background in entertainment, Matthew’s passion lies in the intricate mechanics of creative productions, encompassing the broad spectrum of planning, marketing, promotion, and publicity.

His career is marked by a profound commitment to nurturing talent and assisting others in achieving growth within the highly competitive entertainment sector.

His journey through the industry is highlighted by an impressive portfolio of freelance work, showcasing collaborations with high-profile clients such as Britney Spears’ management team, showcasing his prowess in handling notable personalities.

Additionally, his professional repertoire includes work with Gina Liano and Peter Morrissey, further underscoring his versatility and depth of experience.

Matthew’s engagements span across various facets of media, including TV, radio, and print, reflecting his comprehensive understanding and influence in the realm of public relations and television.

Mista PR’s success stems from his innovative approach to public relations and an unyielding dedication to his clients’ growth and visibility in the entertainment industry.

His ability to seamlessly blend creative vision with strategic marketing and publicity initiatives has not only contributed to the success of his clients but has also established him as a key figure in the industry, renowned for his expertise, creativity, and the tangible results he delivers.

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